Winter in Dubai

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do an update about what's going on, and where I am now, I moved back to England for a few months after Barcelona to prepare and see my family as I decided to try out Dubai, So far it's been incredible, I've loved every second of it, and the weather is just perfect. Considering it's winter i can't believe how warm it is, and i'd even say it's pretty hot at times.
 I've just moved to Dubai Marina, and again, i'm just overwhelmed at how beautiful everything is, we've just started to add some little touches to our place to make it our own, and obviously IKEA was the first stop. I'm a massive fan of flowers (HINT HINT) but I can't buy fresh ones all the time, and i loved the false ones they sell, So along with a simple clear jar i think they sit perfectly on a bedside table or in a bathroom.  But more of a tour soooooon 
I am short, therefor I wear big heels a lot, but I don't think most places really take into account women's' needs for heels, or maybe i'm just crap at wearing them, cobbled streets and slippy mall floors make me walk horrifically slow so i don't trip, also Dubai is very big, especially the marina, i'd always advise going for a comfortable shoe with a small heel, wedges or obviously, sandals if you're off to the beach. Dubai has ALL the shops you'd want, I recently visited the Dubai Mall (biggest in the world) and you'll be overwhelmed to see all of the shops, cafes, restaurants, The list goes on,  so it'll be hard not to be tempted to buy those sky scraper heels!
Recently the Dior exhibition showed, A beautiful opportunity to learn about the history of Dior, and see those stunning half sizes dresses they make in anticipation for their couture season.
I've been loving pink lately, maybe it's a combination of Diors love of pink and Vogue mentioning that its their colour of the moment, but just using a different simple colour palette has made a big difference. My favourite three products right now are
1. Sleeks Matte Me lip Cream - 435 Birthday Suit
2. Rimmel - 150 I love pink
3. Roller Lash

Top from Stradivarius, Culottes Pull and Bear and Shoes Zara, Hat Primark bag Prada
I also took the plunge and cut my fringe back in, if you've ever had an on off love affair with fringes, then I feel for you, they are perfect the day you do them, then the wind blows/ you sleep on it / you have a cows lick, and you're done. Believe me, every picture here was taken after i'd fiddled with my hair then, it went through a tiny photoshop tweak, ( and i still hated it a bit) hah. So far i ADORE Dubai, i'm really looking forward to winter, and being able to enjoy the events, my make up staying on and just discovering new places. I'd love to know if you have any recommendations of things to do, see and of course fashion/makeup i should check out here! 


  1. Loved reading your post, you look so gorgeous! Good luck for everything :)

    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  2. Sounds like an amazing time you are having this winter. Hope you are settling in well in Dubai :) Also love the new hair style, you absolutely stunning in these photographs!