Christmas makeup and Kimoji!

HEY! My second ever post from Dubai, and i'm so excited to say i'm working with a beautiful emerging makeup brand Called Livaite, from elegant gold packaging to sleek Matte Lipsticks, this brand has its finger firmly on the make-up pulse. I wanted to review in a non biased way some of the products i've been able to use and what i've really adored. I'm wearing such a beautiful nude dress which makes me feel a million dollars, seriously if you don't own a Herve Leger, make it your goal because they will eave you feeling utterly fabulous. I've also added the most perfect earrings for a final touch and went for vampy make-up and false Lashes. 

1. Mac Foundation
Holy full coverage, amazing application, stays forever and looks so natural, slightly high price tag but it's worth every single penny. Seriously.

2. Livaite Signature Compact powder 
use this to set your foundation and concealer, it also works beautifully as a high lighter, have tested this on a night out and not only did it stay beautifully I was really impressed with the tones which complimented my skin. 

3. Livaite Panorama Mascara
Mascara is a big one to beat for me as I've been obsessed with Benefits Roller mascara which claims and delivers fantastic length and volume, surprisingly this Mascara has qualities i prefer over Benefit, I get even coverage on the bottom lashes which look elegant and long, even the upper lashes look lovely, although I usually apply False Lashes. 

4. Livaite Eyebrow Pencil in 25
Use a few of these pencils and you'll get multi tonal brows which look natural and elegant, with a sharp pencil you can build up volume and create neat and full brows which don't look blocky and sharp. 

5. Livaite LipLiner in 45
HOLYGRAIL. OH MY GOODNESS, lets not pretend we don't want Kylie Jenners Lip kit, this colour is so vampy, sexy and everything you can ask for from a liner, i use this for all over coverage and use a slightly darker sharp pencil to neaten the edges. I am over the moon at this product and at £6 what do you have to lose? 

6. Hudda Beauty Lashes in Scarlet
These lashes are pretty expensive on the scale of beauty buys, however, you look after them and they stay in great condition and last longer than you'd ever imagine, making their overall cost quite cheap really. The style and build of these lashes are amazing, glamorous and beautiful they're honestly all i've been searching for.

and i also wanted to show what i'm up to in my illustration career! i'm currently working on a big project with a top Dubai blogger and some illustrations for a big Spanish clothing company! when all the details are finalized i'll be so happy to explain more and share my work, until then i wanted to share my illustration of Kim Kardashian West and her new Kimoji keyboard, I genuinely think her, and her family have achieved a lot, and taken all opportunities given to them, so as much as they play up to being ditzy, they absolutely know how to make money from everyone, her new keyboard which has broken the app store is no exception, i'm actually really impressed with the variety of emoji's, they're fun and fashionable and they've all been designed fantastically. The question is, will you buy it?
I did. 

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