Today I had a little time to go out and enjoy some fresh air, I've been working really hard on Illustrations and making phone cases I needed a little break. It wasn't the most beautiful of days, cloudy, muggy and really rainy, I usually hate days like this, but with my camera I did end the day not hating the weather as much.

 The clouds did make it nicely moody, and had a comforting dullness, I live in a town which isn't over-run by offices or industrial estates, There are a lot of areas which are great to take photos. Ipsley Marshes are a few minutes from where I live, so my sister and I walked over to take some photos. After literally getting stuck in the mud, losing my boots and getting soaking wet I managed to get some photos I was really happy with. The swamps were great to photograph, I'm so inspired by the work of Emily Blincoe, who captures such beautiful images, so i kept her images in mind when taking my own. I'm playing around with colours and trying to emulate a film mood with boosted colours with turquoises and oranges. I'm excited to have something that I can do in my own time that's this fun.

We also spotted some Travelers (unsure what to call them without offending someone, so just know it's all meant respectfully) I really love their presence, The ponies are always milling around, the Carriages have beautiful colours, they seem to bring a really happy atmosphere, No-one seemed to be in, So I only got to take a few pictures, but i'd love to be nosey and meet them. 
 Off to edit some more pictures and get some new commissions done, I've got some big drawings to show off soon, so check back soon if you're sick of photographs and want illustrations ;) 


  1. I'm in love with the old travelers carriages after doing a project last year and I had to draw caravan for the whole project, so all I ended up drawing were those sorts of old carriages. I just love the how bright and colourful they are. Plus I can probably draw one with my eyes closed, I drew them that much.
    What type/make of camera do you use? I really like colours you've used when editing them too.

    Ashley Jayne, xx

    1. Aw wow, what an interesting project! They're all so interesting aren't they?! I bet they have amazing stories to tell about their lives, Thanks for the compliments on the photos, glad they're a little interesting!

  2. Loving the colours you have going on :). Very Fuji film with the blue/green tones! I completely understand what you mean about just stepping back and enjoying a little bit of life. I think traveller is the correct term. x