Clothes I like, and clothes I want to sell/swap

I'm sorry if you hate recycled photos, but i've been looking through ASOS and H&M this weekend and I love the simple garments they've both got going on. I'm looking to get those stunning flared trousers which are for petites.... and wear them with the wrap around black blouse (top left) hopefully it won't look too flowy and drown me. 

I also love the little asos look to the right. Simple dresses are lovely and footwear can really enhance a simple little dress, unfortunately the patent shoes in that photo are sold out but the H&M strappy sandals look like they could do the job well. I've always loved the look of delicate little socks with shoes but it can be hit and miss, but i suppose you learn from your mistakes. 
 I've also been looking at Vinder, it's an online platform to sell or swap your garments. I've reluctantly uploaded a few of my items which i really love, but just don't suit me, anyone else guilty of having things you hate but can't find the courage to get rid of? maybe it's just me.... Have a look at what I have to offer, i'll be uploading more soon. If you have any of the items i've listed above (or similar) then email me and we can talk about a swap?!

Link to my VINDER or EMAIL

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