Congratulations Olivia Palermo

My favourite lady in fashion Olivia has gotten married in a wonderfully quiet ceremony to her partner of 6 years, Johannes. I've always loved Olivia's style, she's always been able to pul off the most gorgeous outfits in an effortless way. something i've always been envious of, She really reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in some of her outfit choices. If you've been on Olivia's website you can see some of the official photographs released by her, in the most beautiful tule skirt with floral detailing, and a round neck jumper with three quarter length sleeves, A lot of people has expressed their concerns with her wedding dress, but I adore it, it's simple, stylish and a little different, She also chose to wear blue Manolo's as her "something blue" which is a really unique touch. As soon as i saw the photos I had to draw it,  I used little flecks of glitter and fresh flowers as props to add on top of my drawing, the photos had such a fresh natural look I wanted to add to that and use the glitter as textured confetti, I love drawing 2 dimensionally on photoshop but lately I've loved adding extra 3d props to make the illustration a little more interesting,

You can see the lovely article about Oliva's dress here, Photograph reference taken by Johannes Huebl

What do you think of Olivia's dress and my illustration?
I added a small floral circle

I played with some glitter to make some confetti
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  1. That is such a beautiful illustration of Olivia. I find her to be such a lady of class, so beautiful and gracious and you managed to illustrate just that! well done.


    1. Thank-you so much! she really is beautiful and elegant isn't she!

  2. I adore this illustration, Natalie. Your style is stunning and I love all your work!